Paediatric Cardiology

A National Health Organization's paediatric cardiology programme focuses on diagnosing and treating heart illnesses in new-borns and young children. Dietetics, socialist staff nurses, doctors, and therapists are all available at the Narayan Health Care Centre for comprehensive care. The diagnosis and treatment of cardiac conditions in infants, children, and babies is the area of expertise of paediatric cardiologists in India. Numerous heart conditions can impact children. There are certain structural problems in some new-borns. Diagnostic and therapeutic management of these heart abnormalities is a specialty of paediatric cardiologists.

Although not extremely frequent, heart conditions and issues among children under the age of 18 are rising alarmingly in the nation today. These may result from a number of reasons, including but not limited to the ones listed below:

  • Genetics

  • unhealthy way of life

  • Smoking and drinking during pregnancy by the mother, etc.

  • first trimester of pregnancy viral infection

Children's cardiac conditions can range from simple conditions that can be treated with short-term medication to ones that might need surgical intervention. Paediatric cardiologists have received specialised training in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiac conditions in kids. To deliver complete care, they collaborate closely with paediatricians who specialise in primary care.

Children's heart issues are extremely uncommon and distinct from those that affect adults. Children are typically found to have congenital heart abnormalities. The most frequently identified birth defect is congenital cardiac problems. The problems affect the heart's valves, arteries, and veins, among other structural components.


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